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"A hauntingly beautiful creation of combined styles and tonalities that ultimately appeal to even the most conservative listener's innate sense of timelessness and beauty."
— John McKay on Romeo's Ruins, Richmond Times Dispatch —

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Featured Music

This site was created to share my music. Please listen to the reference recordings and check out the scores and composer’s notes in the Info tab for each piece. Recordings on this site are reference recordings only and are not intended for commercial use.

Duet (1995)
for harp & guitar

Commissioned by Grete Dollitz



Performed by Alicia Romeo, harp & Jonathan Romeo, guitar

00:00 / 07:40

Four Pieces for Guitar (1984-2005)
for guitar solo

Performed by Chip Newton

00:00 / 11:48

Ruins (1989)
for orchestra


MIDI Realization (computer rendering)

00:00 / 06:22

Light (1997)
for large orchestra


MIDI Realization (computer rendering)

00:00 / 04:57

Windows (1999)
for orchestra
Commissioned by Richmond Ballet, Stoner Winslett, choreographer



MIDI Realization (computer rendering)

00:00 / 16:13

Symphony No. 1 (1996)
for orchestra

Commissioned by the Elmwood Fund for Richmond Symphony’s fortieth anniversary celebration



MIDI Realization (computer rendering).

00:00 / 21:59

Pale Blue Dot (1995)
for large orchestra



MIDI Realization (computer rendering)

00:00 / 20:05


We would love to hear your thoughts on this music or on this website. Please contact us about performances and/or music licensing.

Send us a note to get on our mailing list. This site will be updated with revised scores and professional recordings as soon as they become available. We are working on it and are in the process of editing and recording this music. Stay tuned!
Jonathan Romeo


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Sincere thanks go to the people who made this website possible including the musicians who performed on the recordings, all of my musical mentors and heroes, and others too numerous to name here. Thank you!

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